Authentic Italian Food in Orlando Florida

For those with a love for authentic Italian food in Orlando Florida, The Truffle Truck will soon be coming to you with a chef born and raised in Italy creating authentic dishes for you to fall in love with. 

Rising through the ranks as a foodie destination, there are many options for whatever craving hits. Already a tourist destination, Orlando now has even more great options for residents and visitors alike to try out for their next meal.



Authentic Italian Food in orlando Florida

authentic Italian food in orlando floridaPastas, bruschetta and risotto often come to mind when people think of Italian cuisine. Depending on where you go to fill your Italian cravings, you may not get the most authentic flavor, even if they are yummy. Many chains don’t bring the taste of Italy in every dish.

Northern Italian cuisine is known for its creamy sauces, polenta and beef. Southern Italian meals often feature tomato sauce, eggplant and steamed seafood. 

If you want a more authentic experience, you should look for places that use fresh, local ingredients. Most Italian diets feature pasta, fish and olive oil – but the specifics of the ingredients used in the dishes depend on the region. Italian meals rely on high-quality ingredients that have evolved with the preferences of the time.

No matter the time or place, recipes from Italy often feature just a few ingredients blended to perfection for a burst of flavor. These recipes are often passed from generation to generation, with parents teaching their children family favorites. 

Centuries of technique, flavor and love have filled many stomachs with authentic ingredients and artisanal products.


locally sourced food in orlando

locally sourced food in orlandoFarm fresh ingredients are more than a trend. Farm-to-table foods bring fresh, seasonal tastes to the meals people enjoy daily. Restaurants, like The Truffle Truck, develop relationships with local farmers and other producers (brewers, ranchers, fishermen, etc.) to bring crisp product and fresh foods right into the kitchen and then out to the customer. It not only helps small family farms and business thrive, it cuts down on transport time, meaning your meal is even more fresh. 

Farm fresh produce depends on the time of year, because fruits and vegetables are grown seasonally. It means fresh, locally-grown food is coming straight to you. This may be tomatoes, mushrooms or garlic in the sauce or lettuce for your salad.

Farm-to-table fresh ingredients help local businesses and bring quality foods to the customer, and customers can know that the source is able to be pinpointed, as opposed to a nameless, faceless source.


Orlando a foodie city

Authentic Italian Food in Orlando FloridaTop “foodie” cities are often ranked by travel sites, food blogs and news sources. With many different cuisines to try out, the competition is fierce. Orlando, Florida, was recently ranked as a top 10 foodie city in a 2017 WalletHub survey. Orlando features 11,000 restaurants of all types of cuisines, ranging from fast-food to fine dining, so foodies will find something they love to eat at a price point they’ll love. 

Bringing the taste of Italy with high quality ingredients and authentic flavors to Orlando, The Truffle Truck is one to add to your foodie list in this up-and-coming foodie city.