Food Catering in Orlando


If you’re prepping for a big event, you know that food is a must and it needs to be something unique that people will love and remember. If you have a big family event, office party or meeting, or life event like a wedding reception or retirement party, make it unique with food catering in Orlando from The Truffle Truck! With authentic and delicious Italian cuisine, you can get a catering experience your guests won’t forget.Contact us 


Food Catering in Orlando

food catering in orlandoThe Truffle Truck’s menu has many options for your private event. For you upcoming party, meeting or event, you can order anything on our menu as catering options. Our dishes are made to order with quality, organic ingredients sourced both locally and from Italy. We’re proud of our partnerships with companies around the world, bringing you the best in Italian food catering in Florida. 

The menu for your next event can include pasta, salad and more. With The Truffle Truck’s catering services, you’ll serve high quality food at a great price. Your guests will have the chance to get a taste of Italy without ever leaving Florida!

Because so many people haven’t ever tried a truffle and all of our dishes are made with truffle, your guests will have an experience that they may not have again – and they’re sure to remember that your event was the one that gave them the opportunity to try the flavor and aroma of truffles.


Event Catering in Orlando

pasta in orlandoWith so many menu items to choose from, catering to different diets and preferences is made easy. New favorites and old-time classics can be found at The Truffle Truck, with choices everyone can enjoy. Orlando catering at it's finest. A few of our delicious options include:

  • Penne, vodka, cream, tomatoes and truffle
  • Potato stuffed agnolotti and truffle
  • Tajarin truffle, a thin homemade egg pasta
  • Shaved truffles: both black and white truffles, depending on the season
  • Seasonal organic Maine mixed greens, vegetables and truffle oil vinaigrette
  • Much more -- just check out the menu to see all the great options available for your catering needs

For dessert, there is tiramisu or pannacotta with black truffle to satisfy guests’ sugar cravings.


Gluten Free, Vegetarian, or Vegan Diets in Orlando

salad in orlandoIf some of your guests have special dietary needs, there’s no need to worry! The Truffle Truck has menu options for vegans, vegetarians and those on gluten-free diets, so they can enjoy the food too. As you browse the menu, you’ll see items marked as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free to make your menu planning easier.

If you need help planning your menu for these special diets, contact our team with your questions. 


Florida Food Truck Catering

Are you ready to discuss your event with a member of our team? Do you have questions about the menu, options your considering or catering pricing? Fill out the form on the contact page (include your event date and approximate number of guests) so we can get back to you and get you started on planning your event with The Truffle Truck. Click the red button below to contact us. 

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