How to Order for Special Diets at the Truffle Truck

 If you are on a special diet – whether by choice or for medical reasons – you may remember feeling like going out to eat was a hassle at first. As you got used to your new special dietary needs, finding alternatives to menu items and learning what you could and could not eat could be stressful. Especially when you try out a new place. But over time, it probably got a little better. You understood the diet more, and learned how to order food from the menu with alternatives or exclusions to fit your dietary needs.


At The Truffle Truck, we try to make sure that everyone can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in Portland, Maine by offering menu items that can cater to special diets, like vegetarian, vegan and low gluten/gluten free. Read on to find out what menu items you can try and how you can swap out some of our other menu items to create a meal for your diet.


vegetarian Food In Portland Maine

TajarinIf you’re a vegetarian, our menu has items for you noted with a (V). Our insalata, mozzarella fritta and pumpkin vellutata (a pumpkin soup) offer a few great options to get started with. If you’re more in the mood for pasta, try out the agnolotti, tajarin or the penne alla vodka. You can also modify items like the focaccia, by asking for that item without the smoked salmon. Any of these items will give you a taste of Italian food and the unique flavor of the truffle.


gluten-free diets in Portland Maine

PannacottaFor people adhering to a gluten-free diet for low carb reasons or a sensitivity (but not allergy), try out menu items noted with a (GF). The eggs and polenta offer a delicious option for you, and the insalata is another healthy way to experience The Truffle Truck, as both feature truffles without any items containing gluten (Make sure to tell us no croutons). For dessert, try out the pannacotta, which is a gluten-free sweet cream dessert.

Just be careful: If you are gluten-free because you have a Celiac disease or gluten allergy diagnosis, we are not certified gluten-free. We make our pasta from scratch in our kitchen and there may be microscopic cross-contamination of gluten in pasta flour. Please note we cannot guarantee 100% gluten free.  


vegans Dine Out in Portland maine

Black TruffleVegans can find menu items with (VE) to enjoy, or modify other items to suit their diet.  Ask us for the polenta and marinara or the insalata, without the cheese and croutons. You can try the “diamond of the kitchen,” the truffle, in the salad dressing or sauce. Other menu items can be modified to suit your needs as well, so just ask when you visit the truck to see what items you may be able to sub out for vegan alternatives.

No matter whether you’re a meat-lover, a vegetarian, a vegan or follow a low-carb or gluten-free diet, The Truffle Truck wants you to be able to experience the taste of authentic Italian food. Our farm-to-table freshness, genuine ingredients like truffles right from Italy and experienced executive chef create an experience that special dietary needs shouldn’t restrict you from. Find out where we’ll be next and check out the menu to see our items designed just for you as well as other meals you can modify.

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