Italian Food in Orlando Florida

As an up and coming foodie city, Orlando, Florida, draws locals and tourists alike for date nights, family meals and celebrations of all kinds at the dining establishments across the city. With a mix of fine dining, fast food and food trucks, there are many different types of cuisine to suit just about any tastes. Italian food in Orlando, Florida is enjoyed by those seeking quality and flavor. Soon, The Truffle Truck will bring unique, genuine flavors of Italy to Orlando.Truffle Truck Coupon


Italian Chef in Orlando 

italian chef in orlando floridaBorn and raised in Northern Italy, executive chef Corrado Cassoni fell in love with food at his family-owned restaurant, where he learned to cook alongside his mom using ingredients that are commonly found in class Italian dishes.

From his family education of homemade pasta dishes, his education continued at Scuola Alberghiera of Salsomaggiore and University of Bologna, after which Cassoni returned home to work on the operations side of the family business. When he spent a year touring Italy to learn about the restaurant business, he ended up in Bologna, where he met the famous chef Cesare Marretti, who became a mentor. He spent four years learning from Marretti and working in E’ Cucina, one of Turin’s most famous restaurants.

From his roots to Orlando, Cassoni’s dishes feature ingredients that are seasonal to create flavorful dishes every day. Adding a unique spin to the comforting flavors of some of the most popular dishes, Cassoni creates meals people love to share.


Italian Food in Orlando Florida

Italian Food in Orlando FloridaWhen people think of Italian food, they may think of pasta, bruschetta, and risotto. While these dishes are very popular in the U.S. and variations may be found on many menus across the country, The Truffle Truck has authentic flavor with fresh ingredients. With farm to table freshness, The Truffle Truck’s menu features some quality ingredients. 

Some of the most loved Italian recipes feature a few ingredients perfectly blended for flavor. Handed down through the generations, these d ishes are family legacies that Italians love to share with friends and loved ones. Locals and visitors alike will be able to try the authentic Italian food loved by so many Italians for years in Orlando, Florida.


Truffles in Orlando Florida 

Truffles in Orlando FloridaTruffles have been loved for centuries as a culinary delicacy, bringing flavor and aro ma to many recipes. There are different types of truffles – white truffles are very aromatic and black truffles bring their own unique flavor to the dish.

This unique Italian specialty can sometimes be hard to come by, but The Truffle Truck will feature a menu full of items where you can sample a truffle in Orlando. With fresh shaved truffles, truffle butter and truffle oil, you can find something you’ll love with the unique addition of truffles, supplied by Urbani Truffles, a well-respected name in truffles worldwide.

Orlando is not lacking in food options, but the authentic taste of Italy is something visitors and locals should try out for a meal. With high quality ingredients and unique dishes, try out a meal with some friends or family and get the experience of trying a truffle with The Truffle Truck in Orlando Florida.

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