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In today’s society, people want something, and they want it now. It’s why there are so many delivery services available and shipping options may even include same day delivery. Just think about it: do you really want to have to get in the car and drive to the store to get what you want? No? That’s why Orlando food delivery options exist in the first place! In Orlando Florida delivery is available from your new favorite Italian food truck to those living or working in select areas!

 Truffle Truck Delivery

Italian food Delivery


Fresh, authentic Italian food features high quality ingredients. Many of these ingredients come from local sources, so you can be sure of the farm-to-table freshness quality you’re getting.

Oftentimes, Italian recipes are handed down through the generations, being fine-tuned and evolving with the modern tastes as they go. Simone Apostoli, head chef at The Truffle Truck, was born and raised in Italy. He has a world-class culinary education, and is currently hard at work creating dishes featuring Italian favorites, fresh ingredients and savory flavors to bring to Florida.

In addition to the farm fresh ingredients, The Truffle Truck has partnered up with numerous culinary world leaders based in Italy. The Truffle Truck carries Italian brand still and sparkling water. Urbani, a top supplier of truffles dedicated to keeping a constant supply of these Italian delicacies available to the world, provides the truffles that we are proud to add as a unique authentic taste in our food. The cheese we know you’ll love has been awarded time and time again as the best cheese in the world and is certified by the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium in Italy.

Now, this fresh, quality food will be available on demand for delivery straight to you. Click the red button below to find out if you're in our delivery area.

 Truffle Truck Delivery

Eco friendly delivery containers

AdobeStock_68023133The environment is important to us, so we’ve gone green! When you order at The Truffle Truck — whether in person or via our delivery option — you’ll be served on eco friendly containers. To show our respect for the planet, we use completely compostable containers to package and deliver our meals. These containers shouldn’t have to fill up landfills — they can be composted to be returned to the soil and benefit new crops. By doing this, you can help enrich the soil and encourage nutrient-rich growth in the future.


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Sounds appealing? You can get this restaurant quality food at a very convenient price point at your home, your work or wherever you want it!

Select areas will be able to order food and have this beautiful pasta with tartufo brought directly to your door. At first, delivery will only be available in certain areas around central Florida, but keep an eye out for future announcements on our expansion goals. 

Follow the Truffle Truck Delivery button below to download the Uber Eats app and find out if you are in our delivery area. 

Even if you aren’t in those select areas, you can find The Truffle Truck on the streets of Orlando to get a delicious meal or learn about catering options for your next office event or block party. 


Truffle Truck Delivery