Orlando Food Truck Grand Opening

Are you ready? We’re excited to announce our Orlando food truck grand opening will be THIS Friday, September 28, at M Bar. Join us starting at 6 p.m. to see what we’re all about!

For the past few weeks, we have been open for soft launches all around town to give our amazing truck crew some practice time together.  We are so grateful to the Orlando food community for coming out and supporting us. We feel the love, and are ready to share The Truffle Truck with even more of you.

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For those of you who came to our soft openings – we love seeing your pictures and reviews, as well as the “make it rain” videos (check out #makeitraintruffle on instagram). If you haven't seen our chef shaving fine Italian truffles on top of our menu items, Friday is the perfect opportunity to see it and taste it firsthand!


Italian Food in Orlando

edit-125873The Truffle Truck is proud to bring authentic, fresh Italian food to Orlando. Our founders love the authentic flavors of Italy, and wanted to share their love and passion for this food with others.

Italian food often includes pasta, olive oil and fish, depending on the regional of Italy the dish originates from. Northern Italy is known for its polenta, beef and creamy sauces; while Southern Italy is known for dishes featuring eggplant, seafood and tomato sauce. But one thing they all have in common? High quality, fresh ingredients, and simplicity.

Often, Italian recipes have just a few ingredients, blended to add just the right flavors. The recipes are often family traditions – handed down through the generations, being slightly modified as tastes change and evolve over time. That’s one of the reasons why Italian food is so beloved – a long-standing tradition of flavor is in every bite.

The ingredients in the menu items you’ll find at The Truffle Truck come from our partnerships with local business for farm to table freshness and top suppliers around the world, bringing quality to the truffles, cheeses and more we include in each recipe.


Truffle Truck Head Chef Simone Apostoli

edit-595629Our head chef is new to Orlando! Chef Simone Apostoli was born and raised in Italy, growing up on a farm connected to his family’s restaurant. This upbringing gave him a love of fresh ingredients and home cooked meals. He grew up cooking with his grandmother, creating delicious meals his family could enjoy.

Today, he loves to extend those meals to everyone he cooks for. Most recently, he was a chef in New York, before coming to Orlando with The Truffle Truck. Chef Simone combines fresh ingredients to create the flavors that remind him of those days spent in the kitchen with his grandmother.


Serenity’s Grace

19642282_666681060209763_206664363130082026_nA portion of our proceeds from our grand opening event will benefit Serenity’s Grace, a local charity helping Orlando’s impoverished communities.

By giving back to this organization, people in need will have access to food, furniture, appliances and life’s daily necessities. They can get back on their feet with the help of the volunteers who make Serenity’s Grace possible.


Orlando Food Truck Grand Opening

This little Orlando food truck is so excited to officially be open. Thanks again to our early supporters who came out to our soft openings.  Stop by and try a new dish at M Bar this Friday, September 28, 2018.  When you click the coupon button below, you can sign up to receive a special discount you can use at our grand opening. 

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