Orlando Food Trucks

Food trucks have dramatically increased in both number and popularity across the nation! Nearly every state now has food truck festivals, events and parties. And for foodies, food trucks in Orlando Florida bring various cuisine options to suit everyone’s tastes! Searching for Orlando Food Trucks?  Look no further. We've done the research and here's what we've found.Truffle Truck Coupon


Orlando Food Trucks

orlando food trucksOrlando is an upcoming foodie city, according to the Orlando Sentinel and WalletHub. While it may not have a history of appearing on those lists, the past few years has shown that Orlando is the place to be for just about any type of food you may be craving. It’s not just restaurants – Orlando food trucks are all across town with people lining up to try out these unique experiences.

In Orlando, there are food truck events regularly, bringing together some of the best trucks in the area. The events are scattered around the city, on just about every day of the week, giving you a lunch spot or a fun night out. Some of the local favorite spots where trucks gather are the I Drive Resort area, Lake Nona, and Harmony Square.

Looking for something even bigger? Watch for the food truck festivals and bazaars that happen annually in Orlando! They’re a great way to try a lot of different trucks all at one time. Check out Sweetwater-Wekiva Farmers Market, Solivita, and Metrowest food truck connection (Psssst. The Truffle Truck will be at a few of these events too. Find the Truffle Truck).


The rise of food truck popularity

Food trucks orlandoCraving seafood? Or maybe Mexican? How about some Korean? Maybe you want one, but your friend wants another. Don’t worry! Orlando food trucks have just the thing for you. With food trucks, you can try out some unique food, with many food trucks having the opportunity to experiment with their menus, trying out new items or mixing it up based on the availability of seasonal ingredients.

This is one of the reasons why food trucks are so popular. With so many options to try out and pop culture grabbing on to them with reality TV shows and sitcoms featuring food trucks, it’s no wonder that people have grown to love these restaurants on wheels.  

Another great way to find your new favorite food truck is to search on Instagram!  We've met quite a few lovely foodies and foodie bloggers that will keep you up to date on the best and latest openings. Try searching a hashtag like #orlandofood #orlandofoodies #orlandofoodtruck or #orlandoblogger. Warning - do not do this while hungry. 


Italian food truck in Orlando

italian food in orlandoA new Italian food truck is coming to Orlando, Florida. The Truffle Truck brings the taste of Italy to Orlando, with an Italian executive chef creating delicious recipes to bring authentic flavor and ingredients to Orlando foodies!

Italian foods usually have just a few high-quality ingredients blended together for flavor. Pasta, seafood, veggies and more bring together Italian meals that you know and love. The Truffle Truck adds truffles, which are a unique addition in the U.S. but are common in Italian food in Italy and other places, bringing flavor and aroma to these meals.

The Truffle Truck is proud to have built partnerships with farm-fresh suppliers and world-class leaders like Urbani, our truffle supplier; Ferrarelle, a leader in Italian mineral water; and the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium, where our parmesan cheese comes from.


Food truck Orlando Florida coming soon

Add The Truffle Truck to your foodie bucket list. Your best bet to find out where the truck is parked is to visit our website page, Find the Truffle Truck. We also recommend signing up for notifications. This list will be invited to our grand opening and will always be the first to know about special offers and events. Click the coupon button below to grab a discount on your first order and to find out when and where we’ll be in Orlando Florida! 

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