Party Catering in Orlando

Do you need your next party catered? There are so many options for party catering in Orlando, so how do you know what to do to get the right food for your event? With so much to do when you plan a party, you need to find the right caterer you can trust to help you take some of the stress away. You should take into consideration the size of your guest list, the venue, any special dietary needs of those in attendance and what type of event you’re hosting. For example, is it a holiday, wedding, reunion, birthday? However, the most important aspect to party catering in Orlando is, was it delicious, unique, and memorable?

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Holiday party catering in Orlando

AdobeStock_87522741It’s almost that time of year! The time of the year when you have a different holiday party to attend every single weekend, mingling with friends from all your different social groups. Are you planning one of those events this year? If so, you’ll need a caterer! Orlando holiday party caterers can provide you with a meal that sets the experience for the rest of the holiday season! Consider bringing some authentic Italian food to the table at your next holiday party.


Party catering in Orlando

AdobeStock_182209123Family reunions, high school reunions, company get-togethers. All of these big events need something to help pull the day together: great food! Finding Orlando catering can be need to find something that has enough variety to make everyone at your big event happy. With so many people at family reunions, high school reunions and other large gatherings, be sure to find something that can help them remember THIS event over all the others they attend. Select unique food options to help set yourself apart.


Orlando wedding catering

orlando wedding cateringAre you planning your big day? Whether you have 30 guests on your list or 200, you still need to provide them with a fun experience and some great food to help everyone celebrate your wedding day! From small, intimate weddings to large, joyful events, food is a key part of the reception party! Make sure your guests get a meal they’ll rave about!


Unique party catering in orlando

The Truffle Truck can cater your next party or event, with anything from our menu ready to fill your guests’ stomachs! For parties with guests who have special dietary needs, you’ll be able to find vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options to satisfy their hunger, too. We can help you plan a special event that your party-goers will remember.

The Truffle Truck can provide your party with authentic Italian cuisine, giving everyone in attendance the chance to try out truffles and other unique flavors that are often hard to come by in the U.S. The truffles from The Truffle Truck are from one of the top suppliers, straight from Italy where they are grown and known as culinary delicacies. They top salads, pastas and more, as well as being made into oils, butter and other ingredients to bring some flare to your food.

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