Portland Food Truck Delivers

Exciting news for foodies! Do you love having high quality meals delivered to your home, your work or you favorite local hangout? Now, you can get some of the best Italian food around delivered right to you with Grubhub! That’s right – The Truffle Truck is now taking orders through Grubhub, in addition to our other delivery options. This Portland food truck delivers! 



Quality Italian food delivery

663a8731-a1c2-40a1-90c1-170777e7d24d-408020-editedYou can get high quality, authentic Italian food right in the heart of Portland, Maine. The Truffle Truck officially opened its doors to the public in May, and since then, we’ve been creating fans all over the city! People love experiencing the taste of Italy with premier suppliers from Italy and farm to table fresh produce from trusted Maine sources. You can get quality and flavor on this menu.

Developed from a conversation about their passion for Italian food between two friends, The Truffle Truck is soon to be a staple of the Portland foodie scene. Setting itself apart from the food truck trend that’s booming across the country right now, The Truffle Truck has focused on providing the authenticity of Italian food with fresh, local ingredients.

The Truffle Truck is proud to offer pastas, salads and desserts, each featuring delectable truffles from one of the top truffle producers. Truffles add a unique flavor to each dish, creating a culinary experience people will want to talk about!


What is Grubhub?

Grubhub LogoUnfamiliar with Grubhub? That’s okay! Grubhub is an online and mobile food ordering and delivery service. Just hop online or on the mobile app in your phone, find the food you want (may we suggest The Truffle Truck?), and order your meal! Then, a Grubhub driver will pick up your food and bring it to the location you specified when you ordered. It’s that easy! Your favorite meal, anytime, anywhere. 

With delivery, you aren’t obligated to make the time to come visit the Truck at its location for the day. You can satisfy that craving for a homemade green lasagna with porcini mushrooms, ragu and truffle or a pumpkin vellutata with olive oil and truffle without having to make a special trip. Grubhub makes it easy for you to get the food you want (or maybe even need) without the inconvenience of stopping a long-awaited TV binge, family picnic or even just a day at work.

Next time the craving hits, remember that The Truffle Truck is now accepting orders with Grubhub. Check out where Grubhub can deliver in Portland and get a $10 coupon for your next order.


Portland Food Truck Delivers

fermentoryNow, there are many ways you can try The Truffle Truck! Visit us in person – find out where the truck is so you can experience it in person. Order your food and get it delivered to you just about anywhere you want. Or you never know, we may be catering your next event, too!

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