Portland Maine Food Truck to Roll Out New Menu Items

The Truffle Truck officially opened its doors in May. Over the past month, we’ve had a lot of fun sharing our love of authentic Italian food with you! Food critic, Andrew Ross, has this to say about our new truck baby,

"Why you should track them down: No, not for the novelty of finding a luxury ingredient (truffles) for sale from the back of a kitchen on wheels, but for the admirably high standard of the food..."

You can read more about the Truffle Truck in his article in the Press Herald. We have also enjoyed YOUR reviews and feedback. We read every review and we appreciate you so much. So now we have some very exciting news to share with all The Truffle Truck’s fans: We are planning new menu items!



Big News: New menu items 

ricetta-mozzarelline-impanate_06de354f5609b5f5bd09d51dc7693082 (2) (1)We are going to be selling what we like to call Italian Street Food, which is another great way for you to take part in the traditional Italian recipes with farm fresh ingredients at a lower cost. But don’t worry! These features will be added to many of other great menu items that are quickly become talked-about favorites. This special addition to our menu will be available soon!   Like this Mozzarella Fritta, or deep fried cherry mozzarella, pictured above. Served wit Italian BBQ sauce, it will be the first item on our street food sub menu. 

We love Italian food and we love sharing our passion for Italian food with Portland Maine. After all, that’s the whole reason we decided to bring The Truffle Truck to Portland. But because we are still new, we are experimenting with our menu and dishes that we are proud to bring to the table, so to speak. With this experimentation, Mainers are going to be able to try out what we hope will become your new favorite Italian food around.


What is Italian street food?

IMG_11356C3609A9-1-667924-edited-330989-editedItalian Street Food is a new concept we are going to bring to Portland, with traditional, home-cooked style foods with the authentic, fresh ingredients Italian food is known for. These items will feature simple recipes with simple ingredients, Like grandmother makes, and will be offered alongside our signature trattoria items. You’ll be able to try a full meal and some unique Italian Street Food all at one time.

Our executive chef will be slowly rolling out these special menu items over the next few months, so be sure to check them out the next time you stop by The Truffle Truck. Some of these new items include: 

  • Mozzarella fritta, served with Italian BBQ sauce and truffle 
  • Torta fritta
  • Fagottino prosciutto e formaggio
  • Panzerotto pomodoro e mozzarella
  • Erbazzone
  • Pappa al Pomodoro
  • Pasta cresciuta
  • Pasta fritta


Portland Maine Food Truck to Roll Out New Menu Items

31200035-28ff-4536-a942-14e22c92f8daBecause of this new menu, we’re going to be able to reach more people! Our authentic Italian food proudly features truffles, which are revered in Italy. Our new Italian Street Food menu will feature super traditional, grandmother style, Italian food priced between $8-$10.  

From foodies to families, The Truffle Truck features specialty items that everyone can enjoy. Try a truffle – or skip the truffle and get some Italian Street Food. Soon, you’ll be able to do both.


Couple things to remember:

1.  Find out exactly when these new items roll out by signing up for our newsletter by clicking "#followthetruck" below.

2. We are available for your private event. If you really want to offer a unique, personalized, grandmother style home cooked meal for your guests, hire the Truffle Truck. Read more here: food catering in Maine.

3. The Truffle Truck delivers during hours of operation. Download UberEats or GrubHub and search "Truffle Truck." Or, use this link to Find the Truck's next location.