The Truffle Truck at Donatelli’s Grand Opening

 Portland foodies: We’re excited; are you excited?! The Truffle Truck Grand Opening is coming soon! Italian cuisine lovers, adventurous foodies and anyone seeking an authentic taste of Italy will be sure to delight in the culinary experiences soon to be had in Portland, Maine. 

Have you been wondering where you’ll be able to find The Truffle Truck this summer? Well, the wait is over! We are pleased to announce our Portland home base and our Grand Opening!



Portland Maine Food Truck grand opening!the truffle truck at Donatellis

Our Grand Opening event will occur on May 15 at Donatelli’s Custom Tailor Shop, in the parking lot off of Congress Street. So get ready and plan your night with a stop at the Donatelli’s parking lot to grab a bite to eat.

Find Donatelli’s Tailor at 109 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101 and stop by to try The Truffle Truck. This will be our home base on opening day, and you can be sure to get a unique culinary experience by checking out the truck. Be sure to check out where else you’ll find us throughout the upcoming months by checking our Find The Truck Calendar.


The Truffle Truck at Donatelli's Tailor

Truffle Truck Side for InstagramDonatelli’s Tailor is a well respected, high quality tailor in Portland, and we are proud to do business alongside this famous establishment who is reviewed as "The best tailor in Maine!"  Like The Truffle Truck, Donatelli's is all Maine, but with roots in Italy.  Both establishments share a passion of bringing you first class customer service, attention to detail, marrying the traditions of the old world with the new. 

We are excited to cook for you and add to our community.  As a way of saying thank you for the hard work they do for our community, we will be offering a 10% discount to Portland Fire Departments. We have also built friendships with local producers to supply the farm to table freshness we are pleased to offer in our dishes. Also, we have developed relationships with local programs such as The Maine Center for Grieving Children. A portion of all proceeds from our May 15th Grand opening day at Donatelli's will go to this wonderful organization.  


Italian food in Portland maine

Maine food truck italian

For those seeking out a fresh take on Italian favorites, The Truffle Truck will soon offer new flavors and aromas to your daily culinary options. From old time favorites to new experiences, there’s a little something for everyone at the truck.

Everyone on The Truffle Truck team is thrilled to be approaching the grand opening! Our co-founders are passionate about Italian food, and are excited to bringing their favorite flavors and meals to you. Our executive chef, born and raised in Northern Italy, is busy creating the dishes you are sure to love, with a touch of authenticity that’s often hard to find. The rest of our team is hard at work building out the experience foodies won’t soon forget. Check out our full menu and plan what  you will order on opening day here: The Truck Menu.

Italian recipes feature high quality, local ingredients blended together to create masterpieces. These recipes, often handed down through generations, are modified, refined and adjusted based on local tastes, personal preference and seasonal availability. The Truffle Truck, true to its name, is bringing in delicious, aromatic truffles to give Mainers a sense of Italy with these culinary experiences. With salads, pastas and more, truffles can be tried in shaved form or in a butter or oil to give everyone a sample of fine Italian dining right in their own backyards.

Featuring classic dishes you already love and bringing new delicacies to the streets of Portland, The Truffle Truck should be added to your list of food trucks to try out or catering options to have on hand.


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